Monday, March 4, 2013


Dear All, I found out today in an email from mom that I´ll be arriving in Texas May 1st! haha... I had no idea, I thought I was leaving the 21st of May. That means I only have 9 weeks left... :/ haha... anyways, I still might talk to President Kahnlein, but I think that is probably when I´ll be heading home to Texas. Other than that we had some crazy changes at transfers like I commented last week. Elder Pereira left to be the new assistand and Elder Reyes who was my Zone Leader 2 transfers returned again and is now my companion. Check out- to see all the new missionaries that arrived. We have 3 new missionaries that just arrived to Chile in the zone. 2 Elders and 1 sister, the sisters white washed (took out the elders and put in sisters) and one is being trained. they seem to have some good potential. We´re excited for what´s going on in the zone. Josh- Could you look into when I´ll be able to register for classes? I think it might be at the end of this month, not sure. It would be good to know. haha. Other than that we have one family progressing. We´ll have a family evening tonight, but the dad already has received a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. They just need to get married and we need to keep working with the 10 year old daughter, because she is really nervous and leaves to her grandma´s house whenever we go over. haha, but they should be baptized at the end of the month. They are: Roberto, Katy, Natali, and their little girl Antonia. The mother is a returning member and is pregnant and due for June. They´re great and seemed to enjoy church though we´ve been having little attendance lately. There were 32 at church on Sunday. Hopefully we can get back up to 50 and upwards like we were at one point. President Cortes drove us around for 5 hours yesterday visiting the converts and less actives. It was great. Hopefully we can get more members on board to go out and visit the less actives and converts. Mission lesson learned: DO YOUR HOME AND VISITING TEACHING. It´s super easy and makes a huge difference in the lives of the people you visit, if you only worry enough to visit them once a month. So anyways, I invite you to get your visits done early this month. :) haha Love you guys! Have a great week. Until next week,

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