Monday, March 25, 2013

Mission Time

All, Welp, another week has gone by here in Illapel, Chile. On the 30th (Saturday) nathaly should be baptized, she still needs her interview and to be taught a couple of things, but she should be ready! Other than that on Saturday night we finally found somebody that seems to be really prepared. She is a single mother with 3 kids, but only 2 live with her at all times as the oldest lives most of the time with the dad in another city to the north. We found her looking for a lady that we had talked to in the street a few days previous and we talked to her about eternal families. She let us pass by her gate and we talked outside of her home with her and she talked about how her brother and her dad had already passed away and she has been wondering what happens after death and how it had been a burden for her. We started talking to her about baptism and so she asked some great questions which led us to teach from Moroni 8 (infant baptism is not from God) and she understood really well and accepted the invitation to prepare to be baptized in April. We are really excited for her! We´re going to stop by her store in the next hour to say hello and to set up an appointment at her house or in the church. The good thing is that she works almost right next to the church and she can attend us at her work. Anyways, I´m learning lots here in Illapel, especially about all the small details of church leadership. It has been tough at times helping out in the branch presidency, but I can say it is really rewarding when things finally start working and lives are changed. This Sunday we ordained a brother to the office of Elder, which is a big step for the branch because there really aren´t very many active Elders here. The less active that I helped out, John Paul, who was ordained to the office of priest last week was also able to arrive early to prepare the sacrament and he passed it as well. I was also asked to represent the branch presidency in Sacrament meeting by giving a talk about how the relief society is important for the priesthood. I basically just talked about how my own mother had always helped me to be better in the priesthood. Thanks mom :) We have next month set as the days for the patriarchal blessings, we have around 10 members that will receive them, but they will have to travel to ViƱa to receive them (about 4 hours in bus). We also have the temple date set in May. We also help doing the tithing every week and today, as we do every other week, we deposited in the bank, because they are closed on Sundays. So basically I have learned that there really are a lot of things to take care of being in a church leadership position, but it has been a good learning experience. Well, I have only one week left guaranteed here in Illapel after this one, but I hope I either stay or get transferred to whitewash and train, we´ll see what the Lord wants. Anyways, love you all. Make sure you get your home teaching/visiting teaching visits done this month! They really do make a difference. Have a great week!

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